micromega OPTIC


micromega optic with Philips CD650


French face




micromega OPTIC inside: Probably it is Philips CD 584 with Philips transport CDM-4/19 and with micromega modifications: TDA1541A is removed from Philips board and put on dedicated micromega DAC PB with separate power suplay, and add coaxial digital output!


micromega DAC board with TDA1541A. On this PB there is discrete output stage for Line Out and headphones.


Zoom on PB: procesor Motorola XC99659P and Digital Filter SAA7220P/B


micromega board for bypassing the original TDA1541A place on motherboard


CDM-4/19  Philips transport in micromega OPTIC


micromega OPTIC - rear: gold plated outputs including DIGIT coaxial output


micromega OPTIC with tweaked Philips CD650 (as described here in CD650 article)


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