Technics SU-V670


Technics SU-V670 inside


The famous X-Pro (PXS) caps, 2 X 10.000 uF/63V, very rare used in this class of audio separets, and OFC Traffo.


Well, SVI 3205 is not an ordinary IC. it is complete power stage with transistors and other passive parts inside.

DC-offset and Bias are factory pre-set, and there is no way for repairing burned amplifier,except to replace the part!


Power output: 2 X 90 Watts RMS at 8W, 20Hz - 20KHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%
Damping factor 60 (8Ώ)
Signal to noise  97dB (Line)
Signal to noise: 106dB (Direct input)
Frequency response:  3Hz to 100 KHz   +0/-3dB
Power consumption: 690W
Width/Height/Depth: 430/158/370 mm
Weight: 12,1 Kg

SU-V670 Specifications


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