Power output (DIN): 2 X 80/100 W  at 8/4 Ώ
Power output (FTC)  2 X 70/88 W at  8/4 Ώ
Power bandwidth   0 Hz --- 70 KHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.03% (8Ώ)      0,06% (4Ώ)
Damping factor  110 (8Ω)
Power Consumption  300W ± 20W
Dimensions  416 X 146 X 330 mm
Weight: 10 Kg


               Power Transistors for  marantz PM 700DC/710DC   are: 2SA1108 / 2SC2588 (in MT-200 package)

The original transistors 2SA1108/2SC2588 has characteristics Vcbo=130V, Vebo=5V, Ic=12A, Pc=120W

In this case, they are replaced with 2SA1095/2SC2565 with characteristics Vcbo=160V, Vebo=5V, Ic=15A, Pc=150W,

of course, with other necessary changes in output circle!

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