Luxman L-230


Front left side


Front right side


L-230 inside. There are two couples of SWISS MADE coax cables for bypassing PCB circuits (tweaks)


Power supply section (2 X 10.000 uF, 50V caps)


Tone controls PCB


L-230 rear


Rear left side


Rear right side


Output transistors


Tech. Spec.:

Power output: 2 X 63 Watts RMS at 8W, 1KHz
Clear Factor: 0.02%
Signal to noise: Phono MC 67dB
  Phono MM 90dB
  Line 107dB
Sensitivity: Phono MC 0,3mV
  Phono MC 1,8mV
  Line 160mV
Input Impendance: Phono MC 100 Ohm
  Phono MM 50 KOhm
  Line             40 KOhm
Frequency response: Phono:   20Hz ~ 20KHz (+/- 0,5 dB)
  Line:    10Hz ~ 100 KHz  (+0/- 1,5dB)
Commands: Treble:    +/- 8dB at 10KHz
  Bass:       +/- 8dB at 100Hz
  Loudness:+/- 8dB 100Hz (Volume: -30dB) 
Filter: High            7KHz (-6dB/Oct.)
  Low:            70Hz (-6dB/Oct.)
  Subsonic:    15Hz (-6dB/Oct.)
Width/Height/Depth: 453/111/317 mm
Weight:  7,6 Kg




T1: Bypassing output stage PCB with 2 coax cables directly to Volume pot


T2: Bypassing PCB with 2 coax cables from RIAA amp directly to preamp section


T3: Replace connectors and original cables with better cables soldered directly from PCB to MM/MC switch


T4: Replace zenner diode in power supply section with stronger diode


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