Ditton 44 monitor


Tweeter HF2000


HF2000 rear side


midrange FC6


         midrange CF6 rear side



               Bass drive FC12


     rear side of bass driver


bass driver construction


Celestion Advert for DITTON Range


Ditton 44 Crossover



                                   Cut away illustration of Ditton 44                                                           Crossover diagram for Ditton 44



       Ditton 44 monitor with replaced Pioneer tweeters  (build for old TAD?)


Pioneer TW - B45BP50 (Phenolic Ring Tweeter) made in TAIWAN for Pioneer (8Ohms, 30W)




Early Phenolic Ring Tweeter CTS



Phenolic Ring Tweeter as GRS ,



  TW - B45BP50


Pioneer TW-B45BP50 and many more are known as replacement tweetts for AR, Altec, Marantz, ... , and now for HF2000



Back label of Ditton 44



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